About us

Sanza Healthcare Technologies Canada is involved in sales, marketing and distribution of Sanza products manufactured by Santerra Forschungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH Germany in India & Middle East. It is ISO 9001 company. Today over 50,000 PEMF devices have been delivered by Santerra successfully worldwide.

Meet Sanza Team

  • Christian Pichler

    Christian Pichler founded Santerra in 2001 after a successful year developing medical facilities in the PEMF market together with his…

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  • Else Knaf MD

    Dr. Else Knaf is a practicing general doctor who has been the Santerra medical hotline doctor since 2006. Dr.Knaf worked…

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  • Dr. Bernhard Knaf

    Dr. Bernhard Knaf has been a member of the Santerrra executive sales and marketing team since 2005 and the international…

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  • Karen Seegert

    Karen Seegert has been involved with PEMF therapy since 1980 after suffering a bad accident which left her with mobility,…

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