What is Sanza?

Sanza is a unique, German health care system based on Tesla medicine for you and your loved ones

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Who can use Sanza?

There are no age restrictions using this technology - you can even use it on your pets. The health care practitioners will appreciate the increased efficiency Sanza can provide to their medical practices and improvement in patients response.

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How does Sanza help you?

This state of art device provides comfort and relief for most medical conditions while it rejuvenates the body and aids in prevention of disease.

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State of art multi-therapy system.

All in one system that combines PEMF, Helmholtz, Bio Frequency and laser therapies.
Get help with your chronic or acute conditions, increase your energy, sleep better, improve your circulation, your sport performance and your overall health with Sanza.

PEMF Tens Laser Therapy Device


World's #1 all in one system

To be healthy the human body needs sufficient energy and proper information which we receive through nutrition, light, sun, electromagnetic fields and human attention  We become sick when we have too much or too little energy in our pathways or when we receive false information or are exposed to inappropriate energy. Modern medicine is based on physics which has resulted in new

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Sanza Health Care Team

About us

Santerra Forschungs und Vertriebs GmbH Germany is the leading German manufacturer.

Sanza Healthcare Technologies Canada is involved in sales, marketing and distribution of Sanza products manufactured by Santerra Forschungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH in India, and other specific countries. it is ISO 9001. Today over 50,000 PEMF devices have been delivered by Santerra successfully worldwide.

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Patients Feedback

It improved the skin texture by reducing the redness and oiliness in skin & made the acne dry. We can see improvement in the wound, relief in pain.

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