Case Studies

Finger joint amputation

Wound healing under the influence of modern pulsed magnetic field therapy.
With the new formation of tissue, the wound slowly knits together. The new collagen fibres are aligned along the direction of the tension and are now arranged.

When working with a wood splitter, Mr D. K. from Rodgau amputated the tip of his index finger directly below the nailbed.

Initial treatment was carried out at the University Hospital of Frankfurt am Main. The option of conservative treatment had been chosen.

To relieve pain, clean the wound and establish the best possible conditions for straightforward secondary wound healing, SANZA mat signals (RELAX) and ACUTE local therapy signals with the Helmholtz applicator at 10,000 µT were used several times a day at the start of treatment.


New injury

Build-up of new tissue

Result of the healing process: 1

Result of the healing process: 2

Result of the healing process: 3

Mr. D. K. during the application





Wound healing with the SANZA envelope curve combination

Mr K has weak leg veins and diabetes, he wears support stockings because the return flow of the blood in his legs is poor. With the use of the SANTERRA whole-body mat and biofrequency current to activate all parts of the body and local therapy with the Helmholtz applicator and laser wand, the open wound on his leg has fully healed after 4 months and there is no longer anything to stop him from enjoying a swim on holiday.

Abb.1 07.07.2008

After the first local therapy with the Helmholtz applicator and laser. At first glance, the condition of the wound appears to have deteriorated. In fact, the wound is dry and the redness indicates good perfusion of the blood.

Abb. 2 18.07.2008

Advancing wound cleansing and adaptation of the edge and surroundings. Formation of granulation tissue: wound heals from the edge and from within.

Abb. 3 08.11.2008

The wound is closed, however the underlying condition remains. This means continued further treatment to avoid renewed ulcer formation.





Progress of healing of a comminuted fracture of the collarbone

Date of the accident: 10.09.2011 - Fall onto the right shoulder with comminuted fracture of the collarbone

Date of procedure: 15.09.2011 - inpatient stay until 17.09.2011

According to the doctor, at least 8 - 9 weeks until the next possible flight duty (between 10th / 17th November)

From 18.09.2011 onwards, regular physiotherapy treatments were supplemented with magnetic field treatments twice daily using the mat, cushion and Helmholtz. Underneath this was a base wrap.

Start of work - first flight on 31.10.11 (not a full 7 weeks after surgery) following X-ray review by the orthopaedic surgeon, everything had healed perfectly and the patient was declared fit to fly early.









"In early December I was already able to do all kind of sporting activities such as climbing - this preasures the shoulders a lot - but i could pursue them as if nothing had happend"

I would like to thank Mrs. Kohlhuber for great therapy. I am convinced that without her help, and especially the magnetic field therapy, i would have been at home for even longer."


2nd degree burn

Progress of healing of the burn.
After just 14 days of regular use with SANZA, the burn healed.










Burn following a grill accident

Grill accident with accelerant. Mrs B. Ruf suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her face and upper body. She is given traditional first aid in hospital and admitted to the ward with a prognosis of staying in hospital for 8-10 days and that there would probably be residual scarring on her face and upper arm. Through intensive use even while in hospital, healing accelerated to such a degree that she was able to leave the hospital after just 3 days. After 1.5 years of regular use, there are no traces of the burns on the patient's skin.