How Sanza Helps?

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Head Chest Stomach Pelvis Legs General


Head: eye ailments: cataract; chalazion/cyst on eyelid; dry eyes; glaucoma; stye; conjunctivitis/pink eye; optic atrophy/macular degeneration; age related macular degeneration

Throat, nose, ear ailments: loss of hearing; laryngitis; Meniere’s disease/inner ear; otitis; rhinitis; sinusitis; tinnitus

Dental: toothache; gingivitis; before and after dental implants; periodontitis; periodontitis; after tooth extraction; dental fistula

Mental disorders: depression, neurosis/hypochondria ; burnout; psychological stress syndrome; extreme anxiety; insomnia; weather sensitivity; nervousness; pressure headache; trigeminal neuralgia

Neurological illnesses: ALS; stroke; carpal tunnel syndrome; headache; MS; migraine, Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; nerve tissue injury; ;dystrophy/sundeck’s atrophy; torticollis; paralysis 2-4 limbs; paresthesia; phantom pain

Chest:  Respiratory: allergies; asthma; Bronchitis, cold/virus, infection; COPD; cystic fibrosis; emphysema; pneumonia

Heart conditions and circulation: angina pectoris/plaque; atherosclerosis; bypass- before and after OP; heart attack; hypertension/high pressure; hypotension/low pressure; PAOD/loss of circulation to extremities; pulmonary infarction/embolism/blood clot; weak heart


Stomach: and intestinal tract illnesses: crohn’s disease; colitis; constipation; diarrhea; gastritis, heartburn; irritable colon stomach/gastrointestinal flu; ulcer/duodenal; ulcer/stomach lining

Upper torso: frozen shoulder; herniated disc thoracic (neck, lumbar spine) ; flicking finger; bursitis; tennis arm/elbow; cervical spine syndrome; arthritis wrist; arthritis elbow; arthritis shoulder;  arthritis cervical HWS; arthritis thoracic sine BWS

Pelvis: prosthesis interface hip loosening, artificial joints; necrosis (hip); spondylolisthesis (lumbar); vertebral fracture; perthes; osteochondritis; osteomyelitis; osteoarthritis; osteoporosis; periostitus; lumbago/sciatica; shingles; arthritis hip ; arthritis lumbar spine LWS

Urological: weak bladder; ceptitis; bedwetting; incontinence; pyelonephritis; irritable bladder

Genitals: erectile dysfunction; enlarged prostate; inflammation prostate gland; hemorrhoid

Gynecological: adnexitis/ovaritis; amenorrhea; endometriosis; menopause; myoma; PMS

Legs: restless leg syndrome; heel spur; meniscus tear; effusion in knee; glenohumeral osteoarthritis; bunion; metatarsalgia; myogelosis; tendovagenitis; peripheral neuropathy; varicose veins; venous ulcer; thrombophlebitis; achillodynia; arthritis foot and ankle; arthritis knee

General: Rheumatic/immune illnesses:  ankylosing spondylitis/inflammation of spine and large joints; arthritis foot/inflammation ankle; arthritis hand/ inflammation wrist; arthritis hip/inflammation hip; arthritis knee/inflammation knee; arthritis shoulder/inflammation shoulder; fibromyalgia; connective tissue disease /vasculitis; lupus; Raynaud’s disease/vasospasm fingers and toes, rheumatism; rheumatoid arthritis/inflammation of joints, scleroderma/hard skin.

Metabolic illnesses: diabetes; gout/elbow- high uric acid; gout/foot – high uric acid; gout/hand- high uric acid; gout/hip- high uric acid; gout/knee- high uric acid; gout/shoulder- high uric acid; hyperlipidemia/high cholesterol; obesity; pancreatitis/chronic inflammation of pancreas; delayed healing secondary wounds

Infectious disease: flu; herpes/cold sore; shingles

Sport medicine: Trauma/injury/wounds: hematoma/bruise; sprain; fracture; dislocated joint; muscle strain or tear; nonunion of bones; myalgia; muscle pain after workout; pre-workout;

Skin: acne; allergic skin reaction; burns; pressure ulcer/bed sores; dermatitis/sunburn; eczema; boils/bacterial skin infection/carbuncle; hyperhidrosis/excessive  sweating; keloid/hypertrophic scarring; lymphedema/elephantiasis/lymph congestion; neurodermatitis; psoriasis


Sanza in the home application

Revitalize your everyday life with fresh energy and ensure holistic health care! Sanza stimulates your body in a natural way and thereby initiates many positive effects.

A better blood circulation provides your body with more oxygen. Your cells are being given new energy. The immune system is strengthened, the natural healing powers activated. Sanza regulates the vegetative nervous system, relaxes your muscles.

Sanza in therapy & practice

You are a doctor, naturopath or therapist and are interested in using sanza in your therapeutic or medical practice?

We are very pleased that we were able to arouse your interest with sanza. However, the current legal provisions make it necessary for us to check your status before issuing medical specialist information.

Please let us know your contact details, you will immediately receive further information.

Laser application

The innovation of the Sanza wand is the simultaneous use of the laser application alongside magnetic field therapy. Both complement each other to produce an optimised effect. The user benefits from these forms of treatment through their ideal suitability for the non-invasive therapy of trigger or acupuncture points. Excellent results can also be achieved in the treatment of skin, scar tissue, tendon insertions, muscles and gum tissue. Light therapy from soft lasers assists key processes within the body. Photons supply the energy needed to establish the chemical compound ATP, for example, which is an "energy store" for cell functions.

  • Intensive point application of magnetic envelope curves
  • Treatment of acupuncture points without needles
  • Trigger point treatment
  • Reflex zone treatment
  • Increased effectiveness through the combination of the magnetic envelope curves of all Sanza applicators with soft laser use.
  • Laser application alone is also suitable for cardiac pacemaker patients.
  • Stimulation of collagen for a healthy facial

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