Why Sanza?

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PEMF Devices on the MarketSanza PEMF DeviceSANZA is more than a PEMF device
Preset standardized programs, using a small range of frequencies and specific signal forms Settings, signal form and frequency freely selectable   Everybody is different and not all conditions are receptive or effective by one wave form or set intensity

Multiple therapies in one device makes it more affordable than to purchasing each therapy device separately.


Easy to use Laser, Helmholtz, and Bio-frequency applicators combined with PEMF.

Preset specific signal wave forms that are not adaptable to individual needs Preset specific signal wave forms that are not adaptable to individual needs Laser & Envelope Wave PEMF
Studies and clinical practice showed a synergistic affect when incorporating laser with PEMF. The deep penetration has an anti-aging affect.
Unchangeable Unable to adjust  signals forms, intensities and frequencies Customizable You can customize your own protocol or mimic any study to individually address all needs. Helmholtz paddles capable of 10000 micro tesla combined with the envelope wave are effective for intense applications
Multi-level marketing and unqualified sales agents without medical support   *Medical Hotline with doctors standing by. Ongoing training and consultation from the Sanza educated team Bio-frequency stimulates white blood cells (immune) and enhances detoxification
Declining Field Strength. A shortfall not visible to consumer! Amplitude stability Homogenous field generation guarantees full body penetration.   Bio-frequency with 8 specialized programs chips for most conditions
Unipolar single generators Patented envelope wave with two generators and Bi Polar signal control.  The field strength is stable and delivery more effective at mobilizing and energizing cells which is key for circulation and function. Today’s consumers are savvy and want the best service and care especially when it comes to their loved ones and their own wellbeing. Take comfort knowing Sanza offers the best value to performance ratio to optimize your vitality
Old Technology Trend setters with ongoing clinical innovations and research. Cutting edge technology works better as evidenced by thousands of testimonials. -

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