The patented envelope curve signals in the mat (whole-body applicator) are adapted to the individual's brainwave frequencies and influence all of the cells in the body simultaneously:

  • The mat allows the body to find its way back to the right rhythm amid modern-day stress (influence on the autonomic nervous system):
    • improved performance through stimulation of the Full Body PEMF Mattresssympathetic system
      The VITAL frequency range has a vitalising effect and makes starting the day easier.
      The SPORT frequency range allows even greater stimulation to be achieved. The result is the perfect preparation for physical or mental performance.
    • Relaxation through engagement of the parasympathetic system
      Many people are unable to relax any more nowadays. RELAX helps them to do just that. However in addition to our well-being, regeneration phases are crucial for all healing processes. As a result, this frequency range is useful in daily applications both for prevention and for treatment.
      SLEEP prepares the user for sleep. With this program, the intensity of the magnetic field adjusts to the natural conditions of the earth's magnetic field during the night.


  • Healthcare
    The pulsed magnetic field optimises cell membrane voltage, thereby increasing Full Body PEMF Matthe supply of oxygen throughout the body
  • Improved effectiveness of local applicators
    The whole body mat application used in conjunction with the local applicators has an increased effect on the repair mechanisms in the tissue.((e.g. muscle, cartilage, bone, tendons, mucosal tissue, etc.)"

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