Magnetic Fields

Mechanism of action of magnetic field therapy

Sanza is pursuing highly promising, innovative approaches in the domain of magnetic field applications. Based on innovative signal generation - using patented envelope curves and increased performance with precise signal guidance - there is a wide range of highly variable setting options. All of the recognised and proven philosophies for using magnetic field therapies can be covered: classical magnetic field therapy, magnetic field resonance therapy and magnetic pulsed signal therapy. sanza allows at least 90 per cent of all accessible scientific studies on the use of magnetic field therapy to be programmed and used. sanza is therefore directly making authentic use of this treasure trove of information.

Effects of magnetic field therapy

  • Improved cell regeneration
  • Activation of the immune system
  • Improved performance and well-being
  • Improved supplies to and removal from tissue structures
  • Improved flow properties of the blood
  • Increased pain sensitivity threshold