Patients Feedback

A look at some of the reviews and testimonials Sanza has received from Patients.

Feeling relax and light

Arun Kumar

Feeling light and relief.


Headache gone for depression. Knee pain got relief bend the knee very comfortable.



Aravindan P.M.

Feeling good.

D. Shanthi

Relief and feeling light while walking.


Got instant relief, pain relief. Very happy and satisfied.

N. S. Elangovan

Both legs are relaxed, feeling no pain.

Vijayamal (Vijayalakshmi)

Got relief from pain

A. K. Menan

Feeling well

T Fazhullah Khan

Very much relief, can move arm more

Viji. S. (Vijayalakshmi)

Knee pain very much reduced. Relief in shoulder pain, arm can move more straight

K Voera Peramal

Relief feeling light

Archana S.

Improvement in acne. Redness of the face has gone down. Relief from headache & eye stress.

Pallauri Sabarwal

Relief from pain, no need to take pain killer for 2 days.


Happy with the treatment


Acidity reduced 50%, satisfied.

E Venkatapaa

Acidity reduced 50%, satisfied.

E Venkatapaa

It improved the skin texture by reducing the redness and oiliness in skin & made the acne dry. We can see improvement in the wound, relief in pain.


Had good relief in pain and muscle stress was released, good improvement in face treatment & lower back pain. I can suggest that it must be used as it is safe and instant reliever.


I feel a lot of relief after treatment. Observed that my knee pain, stiffness in muscle, shoulder pain, Acidity and other problem gone, Got relief. I recommend this treatment. Thank you.

C V Suresh

Took treatment for back pain & shoulder pain for 2 days and feel better after 2 days of treatment, feel comfortable and useful.


I feel the difference in the ankle pain after treatment, nice relief felt.


Very happy & active, felt more relaxed.

Bharti Devi

Felt better and got some relief

Sandhya Ravindra

There was relief

Usha Sree

Very good improvement and very happy.

Nageshwar Rao

After got the treatment in neck, got reliefed.

P. Raja

Excellent, I am satisfied with the treatment.

Lakshmi Bai

Relief from pain, feeling relaxed.


Fully satisfied & felt very relieved.


Stress was relieved.

C Chalapathi Rao