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To be healthy the human body needs sufficient energy and proper information which we receive through nutrition, light, sun, electromagnetic fields and human attention  We become sick when we have too much or too little energy in our pathways or when we receive false information or are exposed to inappropriate energy.

Modern medicine is based on physics which has resulted in new medical technologies for better diagnosis and treatment of health problems The earths magnetic field is essential to us for life. The great visionary Nikola Tesla was the first person to be recognized for manipulating electromagnetic fields for health purposes.The "Tesla coil" formed the basis for pulsed electro magnetic field therapy (PEMF) devices which have been successfully used throughout the world for decades.

Santerra Forschungs und Vertriebs GmbH is the leading German manufacturer that has been involved with the development of home  PEMF devices. PEMF has been scientifically proven to improve circulation and supply of oxygen to the cells; increase immune activity stabilize the psyche, increase performance, relax, regenerate and prevent injury and disease.  Santerra's ongoing research has resulted in a state of art technology that uses multiple therapies in combination with PEMF for optimal benefits. By stimulating red and white blood cells, helping to detox, strengthen the immune and oxygenate the cells,  the body is recharged and the energy is available to regenerate the whole body while it maintains healthy cell function.

With Sanza you can customize your own protocol or mimic any study to best suit your body. Using the patented envelope wave with different applicators you can effectively use the therapies for chronic or acute condition.Whether you are young or old, are an athlete wanting to increase vitality or wanting a preventative measure against disease, this innovative approach to improving your health is now available.