Karen Seegert

Karen Seegert has been involved with PEMF therapy since 1980 after suffering a bad accident which left her with mobility, pain and depression issues.. The therapy changed her life as she was able to restore full function without pain. In the 90's Seegert moved to Germany where she discovered the first home PEMF systems backed by doctors and studies. She was asked to conduct studies on horses with the device and began distributing PEMF in Germany with Santerra. Since returning to Canada in 2006 Seegert had her own business treating with neutro-ceuticals and PEMF. She has continued to study and complete programs to expand her knowledge about energy medicine. Seegert has international rights of distribution of the Sanza and is very busy establishing a brand and dealing with regulatory operations. She uses her Sanza every day and does not experience the pain or mobility issues she once had.