Modular and multi-functional

Sanza is the latest product of research and development in medical technology. Many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in the field of magnetic field applications form the basis of their effective application in health protection and treatment. sanza also combines tried-and-tested applications with new ones, such as bio-frequency currents and lasers, in a multi-functional system. sanza therefore sets new standards in the application of bio-electronics!

Combination therapy comprising

  • sanza envelope curve signals of pulsed magnetic fields (higher and lower intensity with signal guidance adapted especially to the problem)
  • Bio-frequencies (current therapy with selected frequencies)
  • Light therapy via soft lasers

is used as prevention and treatment at home, by practitioners, in hospitals, in rehabilitation and in sport. Bearing in mind the recommendations and contra-indications, sanza has no side-effects when used.

Easy and quick to operate

The most common applications have been stored in the form of Quickstart programs. For you as a user, this means: switch on, select, use, done! sanza shows that even complex technology can be set up and used in seconds. See how simple modern technology can be! This is made possible thanks to intelligent and user-friendly software. Depending on the time of day, the required application can easily be selected at the touch of a finger on the pressure-sensitive screen.
Choose from the Vital, Relax, Sleep and Sport programs. Also available in this quick-selection range is Acute mode, which can be used for the rapid treatment of symptoms, for example.

Safe to use

The sanza operating concept, designed to be customer-friendly, guarantees reliable operation every time:

  • The design of the menu options and control elements is largely self-explanatory, thanks to the consistent use of graphics.
  • The pressure-sensitive screen (touchscreen) represents the contemporary concept of a display and control panel in one.
  • The optional bio-controller measures your body's response to the application. The values set for the intensity and time can, if required, be adapted and readjusted automatically.
  • As well as the Quickstart functions (in sanza BASIC), sanza also features eight memory slots for customised programs with professional settings options (in sanza PROFI).
  • The company's own medical hotline creates suggestions for applications based on the individual's details. Your Santerra health adviser will assist you with setting up the system and programming it.

Scope of delivery

Sanza Basic-System

  • Control unit: Microprocessor-controlled, touch-sensitive touchscreen, 220 V / mains adapter
  • Operating system / programs
  • Quickstart with 4 standard programs for whole-body applications (mat)
    Intensity settings: sensitive, medium (default setting) and powerful
    • Quickstart with 1 standard program each for every local applicator (cushion, wand and Helmholtz applicator)
      Intensity settings: sensitive, medium (default setting) and powerful
    • 1 memory slot for customised settings and a memory slot for repeated retrievals of the last customised setting programmed
    • 6 language settings
    • Log function and recording of data for a summary of treatment (applications carried out, applicators and programs)
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