The sprightly pensioner

An interview with Gaby Petersen-Königbauer

Alfred Grabichler, 66 years of age, several times Bavarian and Upper Bavarian Champion of the seniors' individual time trials in 2010, 3rd place in European Championships, European Champion in 2011, World Champion in 2013 and 2nd in the World Championships in 2014

Mr Grabichler, you have a string of awards and titles to look back proudly on. When did you start cycling?

A.G.: As an active amateur time trial racer, I started racing in 2000.

What was your goal when you started out?

A.G.: My goal was always to become the world champion. I tried several times, but I never quite managed it. In 2013, my dream finally came true with a 50-second lead over the second-place cyclist. In 2014, I unfortunately missed out on victory by 0.4 seconds.

Since March 2012, you have owned a fully-featured SANZA system. What have your experiencesof Sanza been?

A.G.: DThe first fascinating experience was that I was able to improve by average training speed from 31 to 33 km/hour within 6 weeks - something that normally takes months. Monate.

So a measurable improvement in performance. And what else did SANZA bring you?

A.G.: More stamina - better sprinting capabilities - I'm more balanced and more relaxed - my health is much more stable - I have a better immune system and I don't have any infections any more - better recovery - injuries heal faster - my sleep is better and deeper than it was in the past.

Your summary?

A.G.: That’s easy. Without SANZA, I'd never have become World Champion!

Will you be competing in the World Championships again in 2015?

A:G.: Absolutely, because the new SANALYSE means I can optimise my training even more

Mr Grabichler, thank you for talking to me today and I wish you every success for the future with SANZA.