PEMF Therapy to Treat Diabetic Neurological Problems

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or as it is more simply referred to as diabetes is a lifelong, chronic disease that results in high sugar levels in the blood. Diabetes often leads to other type of complications in the body too. Diabetes is of two major types-Type I and Type II. The former is caused mostly in kids and it produces very little or almost no insulin. The cause is not yet known. Type II diabetes is more common. It mostly occurs in adults though younger people are also diagnosed these days due to higher obesity rates.

After an individual consumes an increased supply of carbohydrates, blood sugar levels in the body increases. The body responds by producing insulin. Over time the body develops insulin resistance and the pancreas can decrease its insulin production. This results in the body’s inability to reduce the high blood sugar level. This causes Type II diabetes. Over a period of time, Type II diabetes is liable to lead to multisystem breakdown and failure.

A big negative impact of the diabetic process is that the tissues get deprived of circulation. This happens due to damage caused to the tiny blood vessels in the body or due to build up of plaque in the larger blood vessels of the body. Once the circulation becomes affected, all the other tissues and organs become affected too. PEMF therapy is used to condition all the cells to be as healthy as possible. They also speed up the natural health recovery of diabetic tissues.

Some of the other benefits of diabetes PEMF therapy are-

  • Circulation is improved
  • The immune system is boosted
  • Regeneration and healing of tissues, cells, and nerves

With PEMF therapy damaged cells get repaired and cells that are healthy gain additional stability. Nerve damage is another major concern for those suffering from diabetes. For those with diabetic neurological problems, the nerve cells receive stimulation from PEMF therapy.

Numerous clinical studies conducted over the years have reported that PEMF is able to modify some factors of nerve function in diabetic patients. The studies have also suggested that PEMF can also stimulate nerve growth, regeneration, and functional recovery of nerves in the cells.

Diabetic retinopathy PEMF therapy works by increasing the cellular response and detoxification, nitrification and regeneration of soft tissue. The blood circulation is improved too. PEMFs are an excellent answer to aid in preventing the progression and heal the underlying damage that has spread across the whole body. Diabetes metabolic PEMF therapy improves the cellular function of liver cells, boosts the pancreatic cell function, and improves the ability of the cells to better handle high levels of circulating insulin thereby minimizing insulin resistance and introducing many other positive health effects.

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