Musculoskeletal Problems and It’s Therapy Treatment

"Sanza is used extensively in hospitals and clinics through out Europe. Currently the Italian government is conducting a pilot study using Sanza as a solution to their growing health care/economic problems.The Sanza is easy to use with standard settings but it is possible for a practitioner to pre-program desired protocols or choose parameters to mimic a pub med study. The ease of customizing treatment to meet an individual's needs is a unique feature.

Sanza is a complete health care system as it involves multiple therapies in one device. The technology works at a cellular level activating red and white blood cells to address the source of an illness.The patented envelope signal delivers pulsed electro-magnetic waves in the most efficient manner which improves micro circulation and stimulates production of ATP increasing the healing process and repairing the body at a cellular level.

The touchscreen display allows for simple and quick program choices. A standard program will run for 16-24 minutes. Various accessories can be used to adapt and treat a patient lying on a bed or sitting in a chair. The general reaction to an initial treatment is an increase in energy, better quality of sleep and a feeling of wellness and relaxation. Many experience an immediate reduction in pain and increase in mobility. Post operation swelling and inflammation is reduced, and open wounds heal much faster, A significant reduction in pain results when compression of nerves or blood vessels is reduced. The delivery of medication is enhanced for greatest efficacy.

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy (PEMF) was first approved many years ago for treating non union fractures that would not heal.

Musculoskeletal conditions are the most researched area in regards to magnetic field therapy. Sanza therapies are effective in treating the musculoskeletal system because of their positive influence on the autonomic nervous system. Effects include pain relief,inhibiting degeneration of cartilage and muscle tissue, promoting circulation, relaxation of muscles, relieving muscle cramps, increased mobility, progression of a disease is prevented, reduced inflammation,reduced stiffness, breaking up of scar tissue, reduced pressure on nerve ends, reduced swelling, promotes bone growth and inhibits bone loss.

A multitude of patient reports and research results indicate a positive effect of Sanza therapy when treating heel spurs, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, joint replacement, damaged or strained nerves, tendons or muscles, carpel tunnel syndrome, knee injury, bone fractures, brittle bones, osteoporosis, myogelosis, whiplash, rheumatism. conjecture, bursitis, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, arthrosis, prolapsed disc, backache, inflammation of the spine, disorders of the neck and shoulder, muscle stiffness, decreased mobility and scoliosis.Professional athletes and sports teams use Sanza to increase their vitality and to treat acute injuries lessening their down time and as a preventive measure against potential injury.

In a busy orthopedic clinic the Sanza provides a method of drastically reducing healing time promoting healthy tissue growth. The one therapy combines PEMF therapy with laser allowing for greater penetration of the laser light healing tissue at a deeper level. Another accessory is the helmholtz paddles which can be used for more intense and deeper penetration of higher intensities to activate stem cells. And the bio frequency therapy uses hand electrodes which have a synergistic affect when running simultaneously with the PEMF treatment stimulating immune function to address virus, bacteria, fungus or parasites. Specific frequency bands are combined in specialty "chips" to address inflammation, infection, bones, dental, uro/genital, neurological, detox, pain, lymph, diabetes and burn out issues. This means that the patient can receive several treatments at once making it possible to treat multiple issues at the same time. Complex conditions affect the immune system, glands, hormones, organs, neurotransmitters, energy, mood, sleep and digestive tract. When all the body cells resonate they build energy - energy needed for cell metabolism and energy needed for the person. Proper cell function brings needed oxygen and nutrients into the cells and the toxins out which activates the body's self healing ability so that it can work as it is designed to do.

The combination of the newest technology on the market with traditional medicine results in the highest level of health possible. Sanza provides incredible value in an orthopedic hospital setting by exemplifying the healing process."

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