PEMF Therapy for Improved Performance and Sports Applications

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Healthy cells are the key to a long and healthy life. With PEMF it is possible to actively tune the cells so that they can perform at their optimum capacity thereby slowing the process of cell aging, improve cellular behaviour and boosting the cell metabolism. Here are some orthopaedic applications with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine.

  • Muscle Pain- When the muscles are stressed pain occurs.

This can be treated with PEMF support- Cell metabolism and a good supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles are effectively provided.

  • Sprain and Contusion

With PEMF it is possible to reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain and boost the healing process and improve the overall well-being.

  • Joint Replacement-aftercare

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine makes it possible to make the process of prosthesis integration quicker and easy.

  • Bursitis

When painful swelling of the bursa occurs following excessive strain, then PEMF therapy can be effectively used to provide relief.

  • Achilles tendinitis and injury

Injuries are prone to occur following excessive strain or sudden, severe stress on the tendons. PEMF, BFS and laser therapy with the chips can be used to accelerate the process of healing and also reduce the pain.

  • Arthritis

Inflammatory joint disease can occur and may have the following symptoms: swelling, pain, limitation of movement, joint effusion, and excessive heat. It can be caused due to pathogens or as a secondary condition from other diseases, rheumatoid disease or others. PEMF therapy can be of great help in such cases.

  • Calceneal Spur

Long-term strain (tension of the aponeurosis on the sole of the foot and/or Achilles tendon) can lead to bony deposit on the calcaneum. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine can be used to provide relaxing and pain0relieving effect on the muscles. It has a favourable impact on the symptoms.

  • Joint Effusion

PEMF can be used to treat fluid collection in the joint due to an injury or excessive strain caused by infection.

  • Arthrosis

Excessive exertion or positional deformities of the joint structure can result in degenerative joint change. Symptoms include limitation of movement, deformity, stiffness, etc. PEMF can be used to correct this.

  • Foot Pain

Pain can occur in the mid-foot area (aponeuritis) or in the toe joints and in the ankle following over-exertion and due to the presence of deformities. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine can be utilized to deal with this problem.

  • Hallux Valgus

When the foot is splayed, it may result in exertional deformity, balls. In the initial stages, as well as following corrective surgery, the use of PEMF, laser and BFS with Chip #1 and 2, and if necessary Special Chip #5, can be really useful.

For the following types of conditions, these are the applicators of choice for providing the corrective treatment.

Applicator of choice:

Mat, cushion, wand with laser attachment, Helmholtz applicator, BFS Chip #1, 2

  • Sciatic Pain, Sciatica

Pain in the area supplying the sciatic nerve with different causes. The improved perfusion achieved through PEMF with laser assistance enhances the supply of nutrients and assists in the removal of toxins from this part of the body.

  • Coccyx Contusion

Painful injury to the lower sacral region following a fall.

  • Sacroiliac Joint Block

Blockage of the sacroiliac joints for varying reasons causes back pain which can radiate to the upper thighs.

For treating these conditions, applicators of choice:

Mat; local: cushion - wand with laser attachment - Helmholtz applicator, BFS Chip #1, 2 and Special Chip #5

PEMF therapy can also be used to improve the overall performance in sports. Mental and physical performance are improved with the right signals from the PEMF application both as a whole-body treatment and as local application.

Applicator of choice:

Mat, cushion, wand with laser attachment, Helmholtz applicator, BFS Chip #1, 2

The whole-body application influences perfusion, oxygen transport, relaxation and detoxification.

Bio-frequencies from Chips #1-4 and #7 support these processes.

Laser function and PEMF application with the wand applicator facilitate the transport of ingredients into the skin.

Support for cell functions (cell metabolism, detoxification) is facilitated with PEMF, laser function and BFS. Tissue structures are built up, while elastic fibres improve properties.

Applicator of choice:
Mat, cushion, wand with laser attachment, Helmholtz applicator, BFS Chip #1, 2

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