Hand electrodes

Micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites have been and remain of major importance to the development and continued survival of life on our planet. They can, however, also trigger inflammatory processes and ultimately disease in humans. Defined entirely by individual requirements and stress situations, regular treatment sessions with bio-frequency current can reduce the number of these harmful microbes, as well as stimulate and strengthen our immune system.

New standards in bio-electronic application!

Ideally used for a period of 16 minutes with the mat applicator - as well as with the cushion - or the Helmholtz applicator. The bio-frequencies can be uploaded to the corresponding chips and grouped together, depending on the focal areas of application.


The sanza bio-frequency current application uses the fact that microbes can be influenced by a very individual frequency pattern. Bio-frequency currents weaken microbes and at the same time sensitise our immune system. In the sanza system, they are emitted by special storage media, known as chips, and transferred via the hand electrodes into the body.

In combination with the sanza envelope curve applications, their effect is further enhanced since they have been shown (e.g. through dark field microscopy observation of blood cells) to activate the body's own self-cleansing processes and strengthen the immune system.

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