Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Healthy Living

Our body is made up of billions of cells and it is very important to have healthy cells. Regular tuning-up of cells should be undertaken so as to slow down the process of ageing and also minimize the risk of cell dysfunction. Fine tuning of cells can be done using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device.

How do PEMF therapy work?
All energy that is produced is electromagnetic in nature. Each and every atom, cells, and chemicals produce electromagnetic fields. Our body also generates electromagnetic field and all the cells in the body communicates through these electromagnetic fields.

The electromagnetic energy controls the tissue function of the body. When the electromagnetic energy in the cells is disrupted, it results in impaired cell metabolism. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device helps in restoring the function of the cells which in turn improves the overall health.

With PEMF treatment, beneficial and health-enhancing EMFS and frequencies are delivered to the cells. As the electromagnetic frequency passes through, they stimulate the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues.

Therapeutic PEMFs are especially designed in such a way so as to positively support cellular energy thereby resulting in better cellular health and function. PEMFS are very beneficial to support quick healing of the body and also restores the proper circulation.

Having healthy cells is imperative to maintaining the proper body function. With pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine, it is possible to boost the cell metabolism, assist in the regeneration of of blood cells, improve the circulation, increase the oxygen carrying capacity and also reduce inflammation. PEMFs have amazing regenerative effects since these regenerate magnetic fields which results in cells producing a lot of naturally derived energy so that they are able to heal themselves.

These are the following benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device:

A. Effective Pain Management
It is possible to achieve fast pain relief by using PEMF therapy. The way fin which PEMF therapy reduces pain include- pain blocking, increasing cellular flexibility, decreasing inflammation, boosting tissue oxygenation, and increasing blood and lymph circulation.

B. Improved Blood Circulation

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine mechanically stimulates blood vessels and blood flow, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen into the cells. PEMF therapy also enhances the removal of waste products from the cells. The therapy supports immune health by mechanically stimulating the blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

C. Treats Inflammation
The cellular source of swelling is treated by recharging the cells with a mild electromagnetic current. This prevents the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, reduces inflammatory fluids and increases the blood flow thereby increasing the oxygen intake. This leads to faster healing and reduced swelling, bruising, and pain.

D. Stimulates Bone Growth
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine boosts the electrical polarity by inducing an electrical field at the fracture site which lends support to the body's healing process and stimulates fracture repair. With PEMF bone growth stimulation, a time varying magnetic field is generated within the body which stimulates fracture healing.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has a lot of potential in healing wound and improving the overall health of the body. Sanza uses PEMF technology to create devices which cater to a wide range of problems and deliver effective treatment solutions.

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