Treat Nerve damage with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Sanza creates devices that feature state of art multi-therapy systems which helps with acute or chronic conditions, boosts cellular energy, helps in improving sleep, increases the overall energy, improves the blood flow properties and the overall health of the body.

To be in proper health, the human body needs sufficient energy, proper food and optimum rest. Our body has millions of cells which are subjected to the slow process of aging. For our bodies to function properly the cells need to be healthy. By utilizing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy it is possible to boost your cell metabolism.

Treatment by PEMF mattress can help cells rebalance dysfunction faster, and also reduce pain. Our body produces its own electromagnetic field. The 70 trillion body cells send signals to each other via electromagnetic frequencies. No reaction takes place in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. The body ceases to be once the electromagnetic activity of the body stops.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) deal with impaired chemistry and the function of cells, and hence they boost the overall health. With PEMF you can deliver beneficial electromagnetic field therapy and frequencies to the cells.

Therapeutic PEMFS are specifically designed to support cellular energy in a positive way, so they provide better cellular function and health. The devices created by Sanza using PEMF differ according to a variety of features- frequency, strength, waveform, and the type of stimulators.

Neurological applications, nerve damage can be treated with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The increased supply of oxygen helps in improving the metabolism of the brain. Inflammatory and degenerative processes are influenced positively. The pain threshold level is also increased which contributes to an improved lifestyle. Transmitter substances (seratonin, melatonin) which are formed have a mood-lifting and balancing effect in mood fluctuations. The regeneration of nerve cells are also supported. The bio-frequencies of Chip #8 provide particular support.

When the conduction pathway is disrupted with malfunctions that is consistent with the impaired innervation. The triggering factors can include-strains, injury, severing or crushing. The influence of hazardous substances, bacterial infections, poisonous and viral substances can also result in symptoms- facial paresis. The one amazing feature of the nerve tissue is its ability to regenerate under the right conditions.

The applicators that can be used to provide treatment include:
Mat; local- depending on the symptoms: cushion- wand with laser attachment- Helmholtz applicator, BFS Chip #1, 2, 3, 4 and Special Chip #8.

Our body is a complex pathway of systems and tissue structures. Hence, PEMFs provide an ideal pathway to get good results. Lower frequencies are generally recommended for stimulating healing, cell growth, and repair. Our brains, cells, and our bodies operate and resonate at the same frequency as the Schumann frequency and the earth's geomagnetic frequency. It has been found from reports generated by medical science and electroencephalograms that the brain operates from 0-30Hz, which corresponds to both low-delta to high-beta brainwave frequencies. Several reports from various studies that were conducted have shown that our tissues and dells resonate at the same frequency. Hence this range of frequency generated by PEMF mattress is ideal for repairing and healing of tissues.

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