Sanza PEMF Therapy- The Manifold Benefits it Offers

Sanza creates pulsed electro magnetic field therapy device which stimulates the natural cell regeneration of the body to both regulate and harmonize the bodily functions. Sanza offers combination therapy treatment option with the laser wand, the bio-frequency (TENS) current and also the Helmholtz applicator for a more intense treatment option. This kind of combination treatment offers additional benefits.

The Sanza PEMF device is a portable and user-friendly which comes with a control unit that displays the standardized programs and choice of applicators. The additional applicators include a full body mat, a cushion for local application and also a wand with a combined laser light option, a Helmholtz applicator which is equipped with a higher intensity application and the BFS (TENS) which includes two hand held electrodes and also a set of chips for extended use applications.

The Features of Sanza PEMF Device:

=> The control unit has an easy touch screen to choose the programs
=> Full body mat applicator
=> Localized cushion applicator
=> Wand applicator with laser light option
=> Helmholtz applicator provides intensive therapy for joints and bones
=> BFS/TENS hand electrodes provides current therapy for immune support

Health Benefits of PEMF:

PEMF Therapy aids in..

=> Reducing stress-

Regular use of PEMF device alter stress responses by directly acting on the nervous system, glands, cells, tissues, cells, and organs. Long-term use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device will be able to help the body in remodeling tissues that generally tend to be hyper-active to chronic or acute stress so that over a period of time they will become less reactive.

=> Slows down aging-

With age, there occurs various breaks in the body’s electrical system. This results in problem with cell communication and cell metabolism. However, with the help of magnetic field therapy, the breaks are repaired and maintained with regular use. PEMF therapy promotes the production of the body’s own ATP. This activates the cellular antioxidant defences across the whole body.

PEMF therapy also increases the oxygen level in the blood and improves circulation. With continued use, PEMFs have been found to balance blood sugar, cholesterol level, and also the blood pressure.

Due to the ability of PEMF therapy to decrease pain and inflammation, diseases like arthritis can be controlled easily. The immune system functions are also boosted since the cellular energy is increased.

=> Sleep cycle is improved-

The magnetic field stimulation by a PEMF device can improve sleep by stimulating the hypothalamus which controls the circadian and sleep rhythms.

=> Some other benefits of the PEMF therapy include-
=> Balances the endocrine system
=> Regenerates tissues
=> Improves nutrient uptake
=> Helps in the detoxification of the body
=> Improves the cell function
=> Reduces muscle tension
=> Improves the cell functioning
=> Treates migraines
=> Induces nerve repair
=> Promotes the healing of bones
=> Relieves the symptoms of depression

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides a viable and alternative solution to conventional treatments. The results are obtained faster and the patient recovery is quicker too.

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