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Sanza PEMF Therapy- The Manifold Benefits it Offers

Sanza creates pulsed electro magnetic field therapy device which stimulates the natural cell regeneration of the body to both regulate and harmonize the bodily functions. Sanza offers combination therapy treatment option with the laser wand, the bio-frequency (TENS) current and also the Helmholtz applicator for a more intense treatment option. This kind of combination treatment…
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Alternative Healthcare Practitioners: All that you Need to Know

At times it so happens that traditional medical treatment methods fail to help the patient recover from some kind of medical condition. Despite visiting doctors and specialists and trying a wide range of medicines. In times like these an alternative health care practitioner might be a good idea. What makes alternative health care practitioners different…
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Treat Nerve damage with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Sanza creates devices that feature state of art multi-therapy systems which helps with acute or chronic conditions, boosts cellular energy, helps in improving sleep, increases the overall energy, improves the blood flow properties and the overall health of the body. To be in proper health, the human body needs sufficient energy, proper food and optimum…
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